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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis. Das ist das neue eBay. Finde jetzt Second Life. Schau dir Angebote von Second Life bei eBay an Super-Angebote für Second Life Preis hier im Preisvergleich bei Preis.de Join Second Life. Make new friends and lifelong connections. Choose your starting avatar (you can always change it later) Provide your account information Username: Email: Check box to receive news and special offers. Password: Date of Birth: Security Question: Answer: Starting avatar gender (you can change this later).

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  1. Mitglied bei Second Life werden. Finden Sie neue Freunde und schließen Sie lebenslange Bekanntschaften. Wählen Sie Ihren Start-Avatar aus (kann später geändert werden) Bitte geben Sie Ihre Kontoinformationen an Benutzername: E-Mail-Adresse: Aktivieren Sie das Kontrollfeld, um Neuigkeiten und besondere Angebote zu erhalten. Kennwort: Geburtsdatum: Sicherheitsfrage: Antwort: Geschlecht Ihres.
  2. Mitglied bei Second Life werden. Finden Sie neue Freunde und schließen Sie lebenslange Bekanntschaften. Wählen Sie Ihren Start-Avatar aus (kann später geändert werden) Bitte geben Sie Ihre Kontoinformationen an Benutzername: E-Mail-Adresse: Ungültige E-Mail-Adresse ; Aktivieren Sie das Kontrollfeld, um Neuigkeiten und besondere Angebote zu erhalten. Kennwort: Geburtsdatum: Bitte wählen.
  3. Join Second Life and become part of the Internet's largest user-created, 3D virtual community. Connect with friends. Meet new people with voice and text chat. Explore thousands of unique 3D locations. Create and design your own look. Membership is FREE
  4. With both parcels now joined into one, check the About Land window (right-click the ground and choose 'About Land') to make sure that your settings are correct. The smallest parcel you can create in Second Life is 16m² (4m x 4m). Every parcel has attributes and policies such as name, description, no-build, etc
  5. Join any of the thousands of unique groups within Second Life. Learn more Events. Parties, workshops, contests, and more — there's always lots happening! Learn more Forums . Join the conversation in the official Second Life forums. Learn more Destination Guide. Find thousands of places and events to visit and enjoy. Need Help? Ask the Community. Get answers to your questions from others in.
  6. From Second Life Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Second Life Wiki > LSL Portal > Library > Open Group Join. LSL Portal: Functions | Events | Types | Operators | Constants | Flow Control | Script Library | Categorized Library | Tutorials: User Touches Object to Join Group. No bot needed for this script. User Touches object for a link in Local Chat that when clicked from History will open the.
  7. Second Life's official website. Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can create, connect, and chat with others from around the world using voice and text

Um Second Life erforschen und mit anderen kommunizieren zu können, benötigen Sie unseren 3D-Browser, den sogenannten SL Viewer. Er lässt sich schnell und leicht herunterladen und installieren, ist kostenlos und erhält keinerlei Spyware. Andere Viewer. Fortgeschrittene Second Life-Einwohner können auch andere Viewer ausprobieren, beispielsweise unseren neuesten Release Candidate des. My Second Life is a social network for Second Life residents. Stay in touch with Second Life at anytime from anywhere

Second Life (deutsch: zweites Leben, abgekürzt SL) ist eine seit 2003 verfügbare Online - 3D - Infrastruktur für von Benutzern gestaltete virtuelle Welten, in der Menschen durch Avatare interagieren, spielen, Handel betreiben und anderweitig kommunizieren können. 2013 besaß das System rund 36 Millionen registrierte Benutzerkonten, rund um die Uhr waren meist 30.000 bis 65.000 Nutzer gleichzeitig in das System eingeloggt Lab Gab is a live-streamed variety show that showcases events, destinations, and different talents across Second Life. Join our host, Strawberry Linden on Thursday, October 15th at 11am PT/SLT as she speaks with Artemesia Sandgrain and Nova Conundrum of IndieCade Oasis.. For 15-plus years, IndieCade has been the premiere stand-alone gathering and showcase for indie games worldwide, this. open me up (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・゚ social media: twitter: https://twitter.com/bambieyt IGN: bambieYT Sims 4 Gallery: realdollysimmer instagram: https://instagra..

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Create Second Life Account Firestorm Gateway. Abigail Amy Anna Carla Chris Daisy Derrick Diesel Bill Dimitri Dylan Elizabeth Elleria Emrys Feng Gabriel Iliana James Jasper Jaxon Jesse Kara Kimberly Leah Lucas Marcus Maria Morgan Petrol Sue Rhiannon Sauin Shawna Thomas Tony Vampire Beast (Mesh) Vampire Curtis (Mesh) Vampire Fabian (Mesh) Vampire Hunter Alison (Mesh) Vampire Hunter Angus (Mesh. In order to join parcels, they must be deeded to the same group and they must be adjoining and in the same region. You may also need to have the group tag active to join the parcels. Even if not adjoining, if they are in the same region and deeded to the same group, they can share the total LI. Quote; Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. 0; Rolig Loon 25,607 Rolig Loon 25,607.

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Visit https://www.secondlife.com to get started! In this intro-level tutorial, Strawberry Linden walks new users through the basics of Second Life including:.. Escape to the Internet's largest 3D virtual world, where your imagination has no limit. Start building your Second Life free at SecondLife.com

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Experience a year in the life of two residents in Second Life, the online virtual world where you can create anything you can imagine. http://www.secondlife... Sold by: Elvina Ewing Joined: July 05, 2007. Profile. Caverna Obscura is a fantasy fashion label in Second Life™ designed and created by Elvina Ewing in the summer of 2007. Caverna Obscura is The place to be if you are looking for Unique, Original and One of a kind Stylish female fantasy outfit, footwear or accessories for your Second Life avatar. For over 6 years of its existence Caverna. A world to discover. A world to construct. Second Life virtual world. Don't forget to Like, shared and especially you subscribe ^^ See you soon. Virtually

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Second Life. Sign up | Login. English. 日本語 (Japanese) Deutsch (German) Français (French) Español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian) Türkçe (Turkish) Русский (Russian) Português (Portuguese (Brazil)) Make a New Connection. Meet people who share your passions. Have fun, flirt, date, and even fall in love. Play for Free..... Explore Exotic Destinations. Learn more Isle of View. Party. Second Life is the Internet's leading user-created virtual world that's been enjoyed by millions of people and organizations across the globe. For the past 17 years, major companies and education institutions have used Second Life for remote meetings, conferences and collaborations Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you. Travel with friends to thousands of beautiful and exciting places — all created by the Second Life community. Millions of people have already joined Second Life. Chat for free using voice or text with folks from around the world who share your passions and interests. Join Us for One Billion Rising in Second Life 2020! Posted on January 7, 2020 by primperfect • 2 Comments. For the seventh year, on February 14, 2020, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Rise, Resist and Unite as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change. 1 in 3 women across the planet will be. Join Kinky Event Group to know more about the event. Discord Group: https://discord.gg/JJrjntH . Language. English; 日本語; Deutsch; Français; Español; Português; Italiano; Launch Second Life » Search. GO. Login. Second Life. Join Now » It's fast, free, and easy! What Is Second Life? Create; Destination Guide; Avatar; Quick Start Guide. View this guide for a complete walkthrough on.

Overview The Teen Grid existed as a segregated area from the original Second Life world (Main Grid, which was initially restricted to persons aged 18+), from February the 13th 2005 to January 20th 2011. Prior to the merger that saw both grids physically united as one, residents on Teen Grid were aged 13 to 17, and would be transferred to the Main Grid upon reaching their 18th Birthday. Since. Official Second Life APIs: Registration API - Register SL Residents from a web page. Map API - Embed SL maps in your site. Inventory API - Provides information on agent inventory. Viewer Web Widgets - Flexible widgets to display current happenings. Live Data Feeds - Data provided by Linden Lab. Media Plugin API - Used by Viewer media rendering plugins. Viewer Image Filters - Create filter. سوف تصبح Second Life، عالمك الثاني حيث سيتم وضع النموذج الثلاثي الأبعاد الخاص بك وبدء حياة جديدة موازية، مثل ما يقوله إلى حد ما إسم اللعبة. فإننا لن نجد مخلوقات لا تصدق أو الوحوش في هذه اللعبة على الانترنت على عكس ما نقوم به. Get an insider's peek at some of the hottest spots within Second Life in this exclusive blog. Go. Live Events. What's happening in Second Life right now? Find out in our Events directory. Go. Help. Downloads; System Requirements; Password Reset ; Knowledge Base; Issue Tracker; Additional Resources. Second Life Answers; Submit a Ticket; Ticket History; Guides. Quick Start Guide; Resources For. Dann könnte nach Meinung nicht etwa das Recycling kommen, sondern die zweite Lebensphase der Akkus, das Second Life, beginnen. Denn auch wenn die Batterien nicht mehr genug Leistung für ein Elektroauto hergeben, könnte man sie dennoch anderweitig, etwa zum Speichern von Strom nutzen. Nicht mehr leistungsfähig genug bedeutet bei Autobatterien, dass sie nur noch 70 bis 80 Prozent der.

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Second Life is a revolution. Lots of enterprises are going into Second Life universe, millions of people create their character and play daily, do business and more. Download Second Life, create your account and start your new Second Life. Maybe in that life you could be better or buy a house Join Second Life now! Script Index > Agent/Avatar > Open Group Join Script. Open Group Join Script Script ID : 21. Audience : Default. Version 1.00.04. Published Date: 2008/4/1 0:30:00. Reads : 21445. This script will give Touchers a link to the Group's Information window, where they can click the JOIN GROUP button. Now includes separate version for Touch or Collision with object! The object. TeleportHub.com - One Stop for All Second Life Freebies, Group Gifts, Promotion, and Events. Designer Rules: Only 3 NOTICES / week (Monday to Sunday). Please respect this strictly enforced rule! Do not contact group owners Click anywhere on the Welcome to Second Life box on that window to start the account creation process. We hope you enjoy your Second Life®! We look forward to visiting with you there! If you complete the sign up process, you are choosing to provide us with your email and IP address, which would constitute an opt-in with regards to the GDPR. Virtual Ability® is a registered.

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Second Life是一个基于因特网的虚拟世界,在2006年末和2007年初由于主流新闻媒体的报道而受到广泛的关注。通过由Linden实验室开发的一个可下载的客户端程序,用户,在游戏里叫做居民, 可以通过可运动的虚拟化身互相交互。这套程序还在一个通常的元宇宙的基础上提供了一个高层次的社交网络服务 So you would like to join Second Life and see what all the fuss is about. It is actually free and easy to join. I will explain here exactly how to join step by step, just follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way to an amazing virtual world. First you will need to meet these requirements in order to play Second Life. The current minimum requirements are a high speed internet.

Second Life Official + Join Group. Submit your Second Life images for a chance to be featured in our campaigns, socials, and as the Second Life Pic of the Day! See more. 740309 Photos. 17177 Members. June 13th, 2012 Group Since. photo by Victoria Konnor James. Photos ; Discussions; Members; Map; About; Sort: Date added. View: Justified Light box. Silence (detail) by Skell Dagger 2. Silence. Join Second Life! Create Account; Recent Posts. 10th Anniversary Party! Firestorm Project Turns 10! Firestorm 6.4.5—EEP Public Beta! Firestorm Update! Free! KittyCatS CareKitty! Mankind Tracer returning to SL! Join The Firestorm Team! Firestorm with BoM! Opensim. The good, the bad and the ugly. Firestorm Birthday Party! Archives. October 2020; September 2020; July. Lucky Letter Location's IN Second Life has 971 members. A group to share locations of Lucky Letters Boards & Chairs found in SL ONLY! Please invite your friends. All posts are approved daily, this is cut down on unrelated content & spam. If you have a store and what to collaborate - please do get in touch. :) more about us : https://roiselea.

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In Second Life I became interested in building things, i.e. clothes, buildings, scripts. You can see my Market Place stuff here. Frequency 2 posts / month Blog blog.nalates.net Domain Authority 35 ⋅ Alexa Rank 1.1M View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact. 8. Designing Worlds. About Blog Designing Worlds is the hit weekly show on design and designers in virtual worlds, broadcast every week by. Second Life Disability Resources; Chronic Pain; Get Ready! Links; Sign Up; Blog; Volunteer; Donate; Sign Up for Second Life . Sign up for Second Life® right here. Just a few clicks, enter an email address, select a name for your avatar, and you will be all set to enter the exciting new world of Second Life®. Along the way, we'll provide you with some information about getting around in. Second Life | I am the #1 self-aware virtual world. These are some of the things I've found of (p)interest in Second Life

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Second Life is a free to play online immersive virtual world, much like a traditional MMORPG but without the dependency on conflict or objectives; here, the objective is simply to be! Hence, with over 1 million users, Second Life is a wonderful virtual universe that is completely created entirely by its users. Players can literally take on a second life; you create an avatar and set off. Second Life is a 3D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. From the moment you enter the world you will discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment. Second Life was one of the original client focused virtual worlds with a social and economic twist. Launching back in 2003 the software changed the face of social interaction and business marketing to an extent. Second Life was designed with a mature audience of 16 years or older in mind and acquired millions of registered users. Users in Second Life can easily create their own virtual objects. Do you want to join Second Life but don't want to look like a newb? Here are some steps to join this virtual world and appear as if you've been there forever. Steps. Part 1 of 2: Getting Started 1. Make an account in Second Life and download the Second Life Viewer. Remember the name you pick will always be your name. Even though you can change it, your first name is your legacy name and will. Join Another Relay Learn About Relay. Get Involved. Fundraising. Resources. Sign In X. Install App. menu. Learn About Relay; Get Involved; Fundraising; Resources; Donate Join Another Relay Español; Sign In Donate Join Another Relay Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Email Relay For Life of Second Life Saturday, June 12, 2021. 10:00 AM SLT. MORE DETAILS. RFL Regions in Second.

Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'second' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine Second Life. What is Second Life? Destinations; Shopping; Loading. Search. Create Your Own Map Link; About Second Life Maps. Join us for an opening party and play date in the virtual world Second Life, provided by its creators Linden Lab. Dust off your old avatar, or make a new one, play, dance, fly around in an airship or hang glider, hang out in a treehouse, make up new games in our sandbox, and enjoy live music from Santa Monica City College's David Javelosa

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  1. Second to die joint life insurance. Second to die joint life insurance policies, also called survivorship policies, work a little differently. With this type of joint life insurance, no death benefit is paid out until both parties covered by the policy have passed away. Then the proceeds are paid out to the policy's beneficiary or beneficiaries. A second to die policy doesn't net any.
  2. Second Life Land Rentals. Visit the largest Second Life land search portal to find land parcels and regions for rent. Trusted by the Second Life community since 2004 and operated by Anshe Chung, the leading land service provider with more than 3500 sims in Second Life.
  3. ent and respected bloggers for a... LIVE PRESENTATION - Non-Traditional Blogging Genres . Feb 15 Posted by Delicate Flower in Presentations. Join a panel of creators from non-traditional blogging genres to understand... Welcome SL Blogger Support. Oct 29 Posted by Delicate Flower in Miscellaneous Information. Today is a sad day in the blogging and.
  4. Second Life is an online virtual world consisting of hundreds of interconnected large-scale areas populated by interactive avatars, whose players may choose to take any form they can create or purchase.The major form of short-distance transportation is flight, while transportation between areas is typically performed through teleportation; both abilities are innate
  5. 8/10 (39 votes) - Download Second Life Free. Download Second Life and take part in a new virtual world creating your own character. In Second Life you will be able to interact with millions of players. Virtual reality games have become popular over the last few years, and all of this is mainly..

We have a stunning site at the Second Life 17th Birthday celebrations! Designed by AvaJean Westland and landscaped by Dawny Daviau, it recreates on a smaller scale the Hall of Heroes that was featured at One Billion Rising in Second Life 2020. You can also see the map with all the great artists that were Continue reading → OBR Second LIfe / One Billion Rising Second Life / Second Life. Bloodlines is a multiplayer roleplaying game in Second Life®. Get at least one instance of every Soul War achievement for the same family Be sure to join the Fifty Linden Fridays in world group to keep up to date. CONTINUE READING. 10 Sep. Posted by Ylva Korhonen. 3. 8. Fifty Linden Fridays - 9/11. Here are this weeks Fifty Linden Friday items! Be sure to join the Fifty Linden Fridays in world group to keep up to date. CONTINUE READING. 03 Sep. Posted by Ylva Korhonen. 9. Fifty Linden Fridays - 9/4. Here are this weeks Fifty. Update - The Second Life Marketplace is currently down while we perform maintenance. Please keep an eye on this blog for updates. Oct 15, 13:13 PDT Investigating - We are aware that Residents are experiencing issues, and seeing some delays while trying to access the Second Life Marketplace. Our operations team is investigating. Oct 15, 11:52 PDT Oct 15, 2020. Billing Maintenance. Completed. Second Life. 390K likes. Second Life is the leading 3D virtual world where you can be whomever you'd like and create anything you can imagine

Joint life policies could be a good choice if you both need the same level of cover for the same length of time e.g. to cover a joint mortgage where the cash sum only needs to be paid once. Both policy holders would receive the same level of cover under a joint life policy, so if you have different protection needs, this may leave one partner with too much or too little protection. Single life. Life at Linden Lab. We are a company of creators, including engineers, artists, musicians, writers, game players and makers. All of us are united in our dedication to creating the future of virtual experiences. We do things that no one else does, and we aren't afraid to take on complex challenges and create unique solutions. JOIN TALENTED PEOPLE. We're proud of our incredibly talented and. Second Life is a virtual world limited only by imagination. People represented by colorful avatars buy land there, build People represented by colorful avatars buy land there, build imaginary objects, mingle with others in the community, organize virtual events or join in commercial activities It seems the sexual content is often singled out when talking about Second Life in 2017. There's a defensiveness that the community has because of the sexual stuff, which I estimate at 20 to 30. Second Life is the largest and most successful 3D virtual world created entirely by its users. Today, tens of thousands of creators around the world continually develop exciting new content and experiences and profit from selling millions of virtual items on the marketplace

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Second Life isn't a whole new world — that's something everyone, from Berry, to Walk, to Boellstorff, has been keen to stress. For those truly committed, who have property, and cash, and a. Many Second Life developers, outside of Linden Lab, offer customized Second Life viewers. Please note that Linden Lab does not support third-party viewers. See the Third Party Viewer Directory for a listing of third-party viewers created by developers who have certified that they comply with the Policy on Third Party Viewers. Detailed information about many viewers in the Third Party Viewer. List your Second Life groups and bots with SmartBots. Or use our system bots. Start using SmartBots! Send group invitations, deliver group notices and IMs, make your bot walking and talking! Try even more! SmartBots have a lot of add-ons available: sim management, waypoints and autoresponders. Click to open Bot Store . Do more with SmartBots. For developers. Program your bot in LSL, JavaScript. Second Life's economic model is one of the main reasons Second Life gets a lot of attention. Some people find it strange that someone would spend real money for a virtual house or shirt. It's even more difficult to believe that some people are making a living off of buying and selling items in Second Life. Some are concerned that the U.S. government will explore ways to tax in-game transactions All the reviews on common sense media were old, and upon reviewing the rules for Second Life, I gained the impression that things had changed and that there were now adult areas for those over 18 and general areas that were adult content free: General areas in Second Life do not advertise or make available content or activity that's sexually explicit, violent or depict nudity. As we've.

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  1. via Linden Lab. Update, July 12th: this article has been updated to reflect comments made at the July 12th ton hall meeting at which Tilia Inc., and its role with regards to Second Life.A summary of that event, with audio extracts and video will be available in this blog soon. Update, July 2nd: Linden Lab have started a new forum thread designed to directly address questions
  2. Second Life ist eine 3-D-Welt, die komplett von ihren Bewohnern gestaltet werden kann und in der der eine oder andere Spieler seinen Lebensunterhalt verdient
  3. Second Life is an online multiplayer game, where users create an avatar who will literally carry out their second life. They have fully customizable names, occupations, and appearance. You're.
  4. This is YOUR Second Life name. Not your bot. Email:* The email is being used to send subscription notifications and retrive your account password : Password:* Confirm password:* We suggest you do not use your SecondLife password : Miscellaneous: How did you know about us? It is very important for us, thank you! Coupon code: Apply : Blog and notifications: Send me SmartBots hints and SmartBots.
  5. Rumors about a massive valuation of Second Life have been floating around Silicon Valley for months. The original rumors said the company raised a new round of financing at a valuation of.
  6. Second Life & OpenSim are no longer joined at the hip! We have reached a milestone in how we handle Open Simulator and Second Life binaries. In the past we have provided SL-only builds AND OpenSim-and-SL builds. This has always caused much confusion to our users, and for that reason—among many others—we have forked our code into two repositories. This means we can now issue updates for.
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I'm not sure what you mean by safe. Maybe if you explained what you mean I could answer your question better. Second Life is not a game, first of all. There are no quests, there is no leveling up or unlocking of achievements, that sort of thing.. Even Second Life's administration team has been infiltrated by these horrible people. I'm not lying when I tell you that one of their appointed new player teachers was in fact an 18-year-old male. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Second Life may offer a Linden Dollar exchange (the LindeX exchange or LindeX), which shall be subject to the terms and conditions applied by an applicable Payment Service Provider. Second Life may include a component called the LindeX exchange or the LindeX, which refers to an aspect of Second Life through which Linden Lab permits Linden Dollars to be purchased by a user or exchanged.

For the seventh year, on February 14, 2020, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Rise, Resist and Unite as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change. 1 in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That's ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. Every February, we rise - in. Second Life is free, however there are payment options, you can make your own objects, or if you have money in Second Life you can buy them. Owning land on the mainland deos require a paid account, but owning land on any estate in Second life doesnt require a paid membership . Second Life is a great social tool, think of it as myspace, in realtime 3D. I've ben in Second Life now for almost 2.

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There is no longer a Teen Second Life, which once was a safer, monitored virtual world with minimal adult content. Instead, everyone is now routed to SecondLife.com, where they are able to chart their own course and socialize (via text or voice) with any of the millions of registered users from all over the world who also hang there. Areas are rated PG or Mature, but without the restrictions. Joint Life Insurance is usually set up so that it pays out when the first person dies during the life of the policy. A Joint LIfe Second Death Whole of Life Plan is set up so that it pays out on the second death - and being a whole of life plan, it pays out whenever they die as long as the premiums have been paid. This type of policy is often used to pay for potential Inheritance Tax.

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Second Life certainly holds a great allure to a great many people; around 15 million have become residents since it was founded in 2003, and more are joining every day Second Life is an online digital world, built, shaped, and owned by its participants. Create a shared reality in a world full of people, activities, adventure, and fun. If you are a designer, programmer, or inventor you will be blown away by the variety of opportunities Second Life provides. Create beautiful scripted 3D objects in a totally live online environment - from weapons to clothing.

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Li-ion batteries can have a second life as energy storage Li-ion batteries can still be useful as low-cost energy storage after their first use in electric vehicles. The research project LibforSecUse aims to develop secure procedures and supporting metrological infrastructures to measure Li-ion batteries residual capacity Second Life Viewer is free game client program for the later versions of Windows OS, developed by Linden Lab. Second Life is a virtual world wherein different users around the world gather, interact and create their own virtual territory.The Second Life Viewer enables users to interact with each other through their avatars.Established Resident avatar can explore, meet, other residents. Life - The Game Bay Run Fishing Tournament. Schwimm um dein Leben! Conways Spiel des Lebens. Die schiffbrüchigen Tiere treiben auf dem offenen Meer - und du kannst sie retten! Dabei erhöht spielen ihre Überlebenschance, wenn du eine ganze Gruppe einer Tierart zusammenbringst! Die Tierkarten werden gut life. Sie game 8 Tierarten im Wert und gleichzeitig in der Anzahl von 3 bis 8. Als offene.

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